Healthy Ageing Initiative

The HaBs Faculty Healthy Ageing Initiative is a developing network designed to build a community of practice around healthy ageing, incorporating research, research training, curriculum development, student activities, and community engagement.

In line with Faculty strengths in research, teaching and engagement, this initiative focuses on applied aspects of healthy ageing, with four major themes:

  • understanding and managing the transitions of ageing
  • interventions and health service design for chronic illness, disability, and rehabilitation
  • strategies to achieve the goal of living well in older age
  • development and use of digital technologies to make health-related services and information widely accessible to all regardless of age or capacity.

Activities to date include the UQ Healthy Living, in partnership with UQ Health Care, and the (currently advertised) Chair in Healthy Ageing. This professorial role is jointly funded by UQ Health Care, Vice Chancellor’s Strategic Funds, and Faculty funds. The new professor will be responsible to setting up our new Healthy Ageing PhD Program as well as drawing together existing research and curriculum across the Faculty to develop an integrated approach to healthy ageing across all Schools and Centres.