Exercise buddies unite against cancer

24 Oct 2018
Exercise buddies unite against cancer
Exercising with a buddy could be key to maintaining an exercise regime for cancer survivors

The benefits of peer-supported exercise regimes for survivors of breast, colon and prostate cancer are being studied by University of Queensland researchers.

More than one million Australians are cancer survivors, living with a high risk of disease recurrence, and in some cases a reduced functional capacity and poor quality of life.

UQ researchers are looking for participants who have had prostate, breast and/or colorectal cancer, are at least one month post-surgery/radiation/chemotherapy, and are not anticipating undergoing further treatment.

Exercise physiologist and PhD Candidate Ms Chloe Salisbury from UQ’s School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences said that participants would be provided with a period of supervised training before embarking on a one year exercise regime.

“We hope to prove that cancer survivors who exercise with a buddy will maintain their regime more than those who exercise alone,” Ms Salisbury said.

For further information or to discuss your suitability for participation, please contact Ms Chloe Salisbury, chloe.salisbury@uq.edu.au, 0428 245 633.

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