Eleven new Adjunct and Honorary Appointments to contribute to Faculty

23 Sep 2019

UQ Great CourtUQ’s Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences has approved eleven new Adjunct and Honorary Appointments.

Appointments were made to those from academic institutions, industry, government, and other professions who are making contributions, or have the potential to make significant contributions to UQ and the Faculty.

Professor Peter (Mark) Bartol (Honorary)
School of Dentistry
Professor Bartol will assist the School by developing teaching in the field of periodontology and implant dentistry. He will also engage in research projects with staff in the School and seek external sources of funding in collaboration with them.

Associate Professor Alex Moule (Honorary)
School of Dentistry
Associate Professor Moule will contribute to teaching and research in his specialist fields of endodontics and pain diagnosis.

Professor Dietmar Hutmacher (Honorary)
School of Dentistry
Professor Hutmacher will provide input and advice on the development of biomaterial and regenerative medicine based strategies to advance the existing expertise in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative dentistry. He will also co-supervise PhD students, collaborate with research staff in developing research projects, and seek external funding.

Professor Nikolaos Donos (Honorary)
School of Dentistry
Professor Donos will collaborate with research staff in developing projects and obtaining external funding. He will also co-develop teaching materials in the fields of periodontology and implant dentistry, and collaborate on the delivery of lectures for specialist training programs.

Ms Liza-Jane McBride (Adjunct)
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
As the Chief Allied Health Officer for Queensland Health, Ms McBride will assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of strategies to ensure the allied health workforce of the future.

Professor Barbara Dodd (Honorary)
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Professor Dodd will advance engagement with international connections, on behalf of the School. She will also work with speech pathology staff on paediatric research.

Professor Alice Jones (Honorary)
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Professor Jones will advance engagement of the School within China and Hong Kong. She will also work with both staff and students on research projects.

Professor Duc Minh Nguyen (Honorary)
School of Pharmacy
Professor Nguyen will strengthen the School’s ties with Vietnam’s Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). This will include the development of an undergraduate articulation program between TDTU and UQ, and the provision of collaborative research and teaching opportunities.

Professor Zhi-Yong Li (Honorary)
School of Pharmacy
As a conduit between UQ and QUT, Professor Li will provide bioengineering expertise, and will co-supervise HDR students and act as an external advisor.

Professor Naomi Ellemers (Honorary)
School of Psychology
Professor Ellemers will further develop research collaborations with members of the Social Identity and Groups Network (SIGN). She will participate in engagement and outreach activities, assist with mentoring postgraduate students, and provide expert advice on relevant research topics.

Professor Christopher Higgin (Honorary)
Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS)
Professor Higgin will contribute expert advice to QAEHS' work on the analysis of emerging contaminants in the environment. This will include providing input into strategic planning, mentoring researchers, submitting joint grant applications, and facilitating international collaboration opportunities.