The condition 'that doesn't exist', yet it's affecting almost half the world's population

10 May 2021

Dr David Klyne from UQ's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences features on 9News talking about sleep pain. 

"This is something that's gripping the research world right now," Dr Klyne tells 9News.

Dr Klyne is talking about sleep pain. It's a term and condition, he says, that technically doesn't exist but is felt by 90 per cent of the world's population who suffer from chronic pain.

"The traditional view has been that pain interferes with sleep and that's certainly true," he says.

"I think many of us have experienced that, when we might have had an injury, and the following nights may have been fairly poor in terms of sleep.

"However, recent studies, including our own, have flipped that view on its head and we've shown that sleep is influencing pain on many levels."

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