Moral fatigue can weigh on your mental health but there are ways to strengthen your 'ethics muscle'

20 August 2021

Professor Jolanda Jetten featured in an ABC article discussing the moral fatigue people are feeling during COVID-19 due to the added consideration needed on daily decisions. 

She spoke about the need to factor in 'rest days' to help manage the mental exhaustion. 

"Think creatively about 'what makes me happy in life? What are the things that I really love doing, that I find relaxing?'" Professor Jetten said.

She said it was important to think of ways of doing the things you love without setting off the things that trigger fear or stress. 

That might be avoiding going shopping or exercising at busy times when there are crowds.

"We know that feeling in control is a very good predictor of good health, physical and mental," she said.

"Basically, what I'm suggesting is people should think of ways they can encounter situations and contexts where they feel fully in control, where they don't have to worry. 

"It's very clear that having those stresses in the background is incredibly bad for, not just your mental health … but also your physical health."

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