Videos of the 2021 HaBS 3MT Faculty finalists

16 Sep 2021

An 80,000 word PhD thesis would take nine hours to present, but students in the UQ Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition present their thesis and its significance in dynamic and informative presentations of just three minutes in length.

PhD scholars from the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (HaBS) competed in the Faculty 3MT® Final on Wednesday 4 August, with Genevieve Vuong from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences as the winner. 

Genevieve progressed to the 2021 Virtual UQ 3MT® Final hosted by the UQ Graduate School on Wednesday 15 September where she received the Runner Up prize. 

Here are all the presentations from the HaBS scholars.

Winner: Genevieve Vuong

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
3MT title - TeleCHAT with Aphasia

Genevieve is a speech pathologist and PhD candidate. Her research seeks to evaluate the feasibility, usability and acceptability of delivering a Comprehensive High-dose Aphasia Therapy via telerehabilitation. She also works clinically at a speech pathology tele-clinic. 

Runner-up: Amanda Harley

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work
3MT title - Paediatric Sepsis: the timer has begun

Amanda is the Queensland State-wide Paediatric Sepsis Clinical Nurse Consultant and the only paediatric sepsis Clinical Nurse Consultant in Australia. She is the paediatric nursing representative on the Queensland Sepsis Steering Committee and a member of the National Sepsis Clinical Reference Group, lead by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. Amanda is in the final year of her PhD investigating the recognition and management of paediatric sepsis in the Emergency Department, aiming to reduce death and harm for children with sepsis.

People's choice: Amelia Tan

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
3MT title - Improving Stroke Rehabilitation for our loved-ones: can decision making aids help?

As an occupational therapist, Amelia is passionate about research that solves real clinical problems in practice. While her PhD investigates decision-making aids for upper limb interventions in neurological rehabilitation, Amelia's broader research interests include clinical reasoning, teaching and learning, and upper limb neurorehabilitation.

Yuxue (Cathy) Cao

School of Pharmacy
3MT title - Smart nano medicine towards Insulin Pill

Cathy is current a PhD candidate at the School of Pharmacy at The University of Queensland. Her PhD project is focused on developing smart silica nanoparticles for protein oral delivery.

Renae Earle

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
3MT title - Empowerment, but not as you know it

Renae is a PhD candidate and Accredited Practising Dietitian from the University of Queensland and Health and Wellbeing Queensland. Her PhD seeks to understand how empowerment can aid in fostering healthy lifestyles in rural First Nations adolescents. Renae is passionate about First Nations self-determination and equity, and this informs all elements of her work.  

Nadia Fox

School of Psychology
3MT title - Stress, Recovery, Mental Control, and Performance in Complex Environments

Nadia is a PhD candidate in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland. Her dissertation examines the impact of stress on psychological, physiological, and cognitive factors that underpin performance in complex work environments through the use of experience sampling and biometric capture. 

Alanah Giles

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
3MT title - Wicked problems require wicked solutions

Alanah is a Nutritionist and Dietitian (APD) with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, and a master’s in Dietetic Studies from The University of Queensland. Alanah is currently undertaking a PhD which she commenced in 2020,  focusing on the use of community-based participatory research and design thinking in the development of a nutrition-focused intervention to improve health behaviours in underprivileged adolescents through education, behaviour change and skill development, in a community-based setting.

Sepanta Hosseinpour

School of Dentistry
3MT title - Healing bone defects with light  

Sepanta received his Doctor of Dental Surgery and Master of Public Health in 2017. He pursued academic research in tissue regeneration and started his PhD at UQ two years ago. Sepanta as an early career dental researcher at School of Dentistry, has conducted to successful completion a number of research projects and published more than 30 PubMed indexed articles, several book chapters, and also edited a book during the past five years.

Ellen Janke

School of Pharmacy
3MT title - A trap set by cancer cells: how cancer cells can survive by consuming normal cells

Ellen is a clinical pharmacist and PhD student within the School of Pharmacy. Ellen has a passion for helping patients understand complex medicines information and for science communication.

Yvonne Lai

School of Dentistry
3MT title - Oral health risk in Rett syndrome: stepping stones to a better quality of life

Yvonne is a specialist paediatric dentist who has worked in the hospital and community settings in Australia and New Zealand, worked in specialist private practice, and has been involved in undergraduate clinical teaching in Paediatric Dentistry. Yvonne has an interest in working with individuals with special care needs and this is also the focus of her ongoing research through the Telethon Kids Institute on oral health and its impacts in children and adults with Rett syndrome which she has continued in her doctoral research as a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland.

Porntida (Mai) Tanjitpiyanond

School of Psychology
3MT title - The rich and the poor: A Narrative of Inequality

Porntida (Mai) is a PhD candidate working with Professor Jolanda Jetten and Dr. Kim Peters on a project examining how rising economic inequality shapes categorization processes and the stereotyping of wealth groups. In 2021, Porntida was awarded the Outstanding Postgraduate Research award by the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists. Alongside her PhD, Porntida is involved in different research projects which aim to understand how structural factors (e.g., inequality, democracy) can shape people’s psychology and behaviours (e.g., collective action, policy decisions).