Townsville endurance runner Ross Johnston, 70, eyes 120km challenge

16 September 2021

Professor Jeff Coombes from UQ's School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences featured in this ABC Online story about a 70 year old endurance runner, highlighting the effects and importance of exercise. 

"It's going to have massive health benefits for older individuals," he said.

"For women especially, starting some sort of strength training — that's going to help with their bone health."

Dr Coombes said exercise could decrease the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

"We're also getting more and more evidence of the benefits of exercise … on mental health," he said.

Those who participated in activities with a social aspect were more likely to stick it out, Dr Coombes said.

He recommends visiting your GP or seeing an exercise specialist before hitting the track.

"Having a good pair of shoes is also really important," Dr Coombes said.

"We see so many older individuals, especially, starting out in flats, which is not comfortable and can lead to problems."

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