Lung damage, memory loss, developmental delays: Shock toll of vaping epidemic on our kids

20 January 2022

PhD Student Carmen Lim from UQ's National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research featured in a Herald Sun article about increased reports of children requiring medical intervention for harmful conditions related to vaping. 

Carmen Lim said deaths and hospitalisations from vaping were likely to eventually hit Australia, following in the footsteps of deadly habit gripping the US.

Ms Lim warned that parents needed to be aware that the natural progression for some kids who vape flavoured nicotine products will progress to using a cannabis vape.

“We are lagging behind and have not yet got the studies or data here to show the real dangers of vaping, but trends show we follow what is going on overseas and things are not good,” she said.

The PhD student has just published a paper on the rise of cannabis vaping in high schools in North America, which found more than twice as many high schoolers have tried a cannabis vape in 2020 than in 2013.

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