Titanium Microtubules May Improve Dental Implant Treatment

21 January 2022

Dr Abdalla Ali from UQ's School of Dentistry spoke to Dentistry Today about a new treatment that would improve dental implant outcomes. 

The project, “Soft Tissue Insertion into Micro-Tubules on Ti Discs Using Femtosecond Laser Micromachining Subtraction Modification,” has received $15,000 in funding from the Australian Dental Association.

“We are developing a soft-tissue insertion into microtubules, less than 10 µm, with nanotopography wall properties which will be made without using any chemical treatments,” said Dr. Abdalla Ali. 

“We aim to fabricate microtubules on titanium (Ti) discs as a subtraction surface modification method using advanced micromachining technology to enhance the bio-interface between the soft-tissue integration and attachment to titanium dental abutments.

“It is expected that strong adhesion strength between the soft tissue and fabricated micro-tubules with rough surface properties will be achieved for the first time in this project."

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