Paulina Porizkova: the supermodel who dared to look her age

10 January 2022

Professor Nancy Pachana from UQ's School of Psychology featured in an article by The Times UK about a new wave of older women taking their place in the spotlight and on the catwalk. 

The article shares experiences of a number of super models who discuss how they became invisible as they grew older. 

“People between 50 and 80 report feeling ten years younger than their chronological age, so you might easily feel 40, but it’s as though you no longer exist," Professor Pachana says. 

"In the developed and developing world, people are living longer, better lives with more active years.

“Many older people say they have finally come to understand their true selves, yet we warehouse them in nursing homes, expect them to get up and dressed at the same time, sit in the same room and watch the same TV shows. In the coming decades, people – particularly women – are going to rebel.

“The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

"The stereotype is that you become more conservative with age, but if you were voting for the Greens at 30, you’ll be doing it at 80. If you really like sex, you still will at 100."

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