Need a detox? The best body cleansing program won’t cost you a cent

19 July 2022

Dr Veronique Chachay from UQ’s School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences featured in an article by The House of Wellness about detox products.

The article discusses whether detox diets and products are beneficial or whether it’s something our bodies can do naturally.  

Dr Veronique Chachay says when we talk about a product that is going to make you detox more, this is where the alarm bells need to come and that we should read labels carefully.

“Does it say it’s giving you vitamin C, because vitamin C helps to detox?” Dr Chachay says.

“Ok, but if you had a healthy diet, you would do that all the time.”

Dr Chachay says any health goals – from weight loss to finding more energy or building muscle mass – can only be achieved over longer periods.

So in exactly the same way that you don’t water the plants once a year, you do them regularly for them to grow,” she says.

“It’s not like one week will fix all the bad of the other 51 weeks of the year.”

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