Weed killer detected in Australian urine

30 September 2022

Dr Sarit Kaserzon from UQ’s Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences featured in The West Australian discussing research which has found glyphosate in urine samples of Australians.

"The levels that were detected were quite low and the prevalence in the general population is also quite low in Australia," Dr Sarit Kaserzon said.

The researchers also teamed up with New Zealand's Massey University to compare the levels with 27 farmers who work with glyphosate in that country.

They found all but one of the farmers had high levels of glyphosate in their system immediately after spraying the herbicide.

Lead author Garth Campbell said it serves as a warning to those using the herbicide for work.

"We recommend if you're occupationally exposed to be using appropriate PPE, so gloves, goggles, masks and everything like that," Mr Campbell said.

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This article was republished by The West Australian from AAP. The research also featured in Brisbane Times