Modern etiquette: How to tell people you don’t want them putting photos of your baby online

13 June 2023

Associate Professor Alina Morawska, Director of UQ's Parenting and Family Support Centre spoke with Mamamia about how people can tell their friends and family not to put photos of their baby online. 

In a world where some kids have a social media presence before they’re even born, the online risks have never been higher.

From the moment you make your pregnancy Facebook official with an ultrasound snap or (terrifying?) 3D video — you may as well create a whole new profile for your impending arrival. 

I mean, thank God we had baby books back in my day so those embarrassing photos are stored in the attic and not a Facebook album.

Because these days, those mortifying moments are more likely to end up as a viral sensation.

“In situations where parents have strong views about not sharing photos of their children online, that is something they should have honest and open conversations about with their family and friends to explain their perspective and what their choice is," Professor Morawska said. 

“I think the bottom line is really just being open and communicating to others what your perspective is, and perhaps sharing why you've made that choice or why you would prefer others not to take photos of your babies.” 

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