MobMoves childhood exercise program tackles chronic disease to improve First Nations health

13 June 2023

PhD candidate Emily Hall from UQ's School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences discusses her work with the Indigenous community of Yarrabah in Far North QLD with ABC online

On a footy field in a Far North Queensland Aboriginal community, a group of excited children are hard at play.

Little do they know, they're also learning valuable life skills and building a positive relationship with exercise.

The youngsters from the Yarrabah community are part of a program called MobMoves, which sports scientist Emily Hall is developing for her PhD at UQ. 

"It's about creating an environment through movement to learn skills like teamwork, communication, understanding emotions, and emotional regulation and building positive relationships," she said.

In one of the games, the kids are prompted to call out and mimic the movements of animals they know.

Among the creatures included are goanna, crocodile and guyal, which means 'sea hawk' and is the community's totem.

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