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Hear from international and domestic students about their health and behavioural sciences journey at UQ.

UQ Health students

Jared D’Roza

Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education (Honours) graduate

"At UQ I was able to develop both my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills while honing my skills as an educator. Upon completion of my degree at UQ, I was confident that I had obtained the necessary skills needed to begin my career as a teacher. Through interaction with the fantastic, knowledgeable staff and through a wide variety of learning experiences, I feel that UQ provided me with a complete university experience to prepare me for the start of my teaching career."

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UQ Health students

Keira Murray 

Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences graduate / Master of Dietetics Studies student

"I chose to complete my degree at UQ as my passion to create change through food and health was one of my top priorities and something that I knew I always wanted to achieve. The course list included a broad range of both nutrition and public health/health promotion subjects that I was particularly interested in."

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Maria Tomassino

Maria Tomassini

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) student, Italy

“I chose UQ because it is one of the best universities in the world and a leader in the field of physiotherapy. The multicultural atmosphere also stood out for me. I enjoy the beauty of the campus as well as great learning opportunities. I enjoyed musculoskeletal practical classes and the opportunity to discuss my ideas to the clinical educators who have given me constructive feedback. I would definitely recommend physiotherapy at UQ as the teaching is of a very high quality. I encourage prospective students to embrace the experience completely; you will meet some amazing people and have great experiences.”

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Toni Sumner

Toni Sumner

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) student

"I chose to study the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) to gain employment in a position with greater responsibilities, more opportunity for professional growth and to work in a position where I could make a difference. The lecturers are passionate about their profession and are leaders in their fields.  I’ve really enjoyed attending lectures by inspirational people working to make a difference in their communities. There is an abundance of support for students to succeed and heaps of extracurricular activities and groups to get involved in."

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UQ Health Students

Hyanwook Ham

Bachelor of Dental Sciences (Honours) student, South Korea

"I chose UQ to study dentistry because of the newly built Oral Health Centre (OHC) at Herston. The OHC has state-of-the-art facilities and being able to study at the Herston campus from first year has made all the difference to my experience. I really enjoy the weekly clinic sessions. From the first semester we have had hands-on experiences in our clinic sessions, and we have a lot of practical, 'real' dentistry work. I would definitely recommend this degree."

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UQ Health student

Seow Yunying

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) student, Singapore

"UQ's reputation stood out and was one of the deciding factors for me to pursue a degree here. The environment and facilities looked great in pictures and they do not disappoint. I truly enjoy the atmosphere at UQ, the environment is really conductive for learning and the vast range of facilities and services available on campus makes things even more convenient. I loved studying the social, developmental, and other psychological aspects of the program."

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uq Health students

Andrea Sebastian

Bachelor of Midwifery graduate

"I have always been interested in the healthcare field and knew I wanted a role which was challenging yet rewarding. As part of the Bachelor of Midwifery I have had the opportunity to complete my practical placement at Caboolture Hospital which has been a fantastic learning environment and the most beneficial component of my Midwifery degree. "

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Lye Jonathan Ho Yue

Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) graduate

"For me UQ was a stand out because there were so many hands-on practical experiences throughout the 4 years and together with the good weather in Brisbane, UQ is my choice! I enjoyed the practical elements to this program the most. They provided the backbone knowledge and boosted my confidence a lot."

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UQ Health Student

Brian Kim

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) student, Canada

"I have to say, the lecturers and tutors are some of the best things about UQ. They are some of the highest quality educators I have experienced, and they genuinely care about making sure you have a positive learning experience. If pharmacy is the profession you are thinking of, UQ offers a great program that incorporates a good balance of practical and theoretical learning, a great learning environment, and great staff to help you through the challenging degree. I absolutely recommend studying pharmacy at UQ."

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Greg Chiapello

Greg Chiapello

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) graduate

“I chose to study the Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) at UQ because it is one of the leading programs in Australia. My experience in the simulation clinic during my studies involved a variety of areas of speech pathology including swallow assessments and language therapy for clients with aphasia. Aphasia is a neurological disorder caused by damage to the portions of the brain that are responsible for language. I enjoyed the authenticity of the way it was set up and also the ability to get online feedback from peers, clinical educators and even simulator patients. The simulation clinic is an amazing experience.”

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