Excellence recognised at the 2023 HaBS Faculty Staff Awards

28 Nov 2023

Almost seventy UQ Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences staff received awards for exemplary work across academic, research and professional areas at the 2023 HaBS Staff awards.

Faculty Executive Dean Professor Bruce Abernethy said the awards provided an opportunity to reflect not just on the past year, but on the past decade and our many achievements as a faculty.

“Coming together at the staff awards enables us to acknowledge the outstanding work of so many professional and academic staff who all contribute to the faculty’s success,” Professor Abernethy said.

 “We’ve had fantastic success in competitive research funding over the past year, including multiple grants in the different schemes run by NHMRC, ARC and MRFF, among other agencies, and our research impact continues to grow.

This was matched in the teaching and learning space, with many of our colleagues recognised in both internal and external awards.

“We also achieved significant milestones as part of our commitment to support UQ’s Reconciliation Action Plan, and I am pleased this work is now being recognised with a new Reconciliation Award.

I would like to thank all staff for their contribution to our thriving faculty and the strong position HaBS is in, as we close out 2023."

Caption: Past award recipients shared what the Staff Awards mean to them.

Teaching and Learning Awards

Programs that Enhance Learning Award recipients: School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Private Practice and NDIS Learning Team

Programs that Enhance Learning Award

Award recipients:

  • School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Private Practice and NDIS Learning Team: Dr Roma Forbes, Dr Melanie Hoyle, Rachel Scott, Jo Wernyjowska, Dr Kaitlyn Melvin and Associate Professor Tony Angwin.

Teaching Excellence Award

Award recipients:

  • Dr Adriana Penman (SHRS)
  • Dr Jared Miles (Pharmacy and Poche)

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, including Early Career Citations Award

Award recipients:

  • Dr Sepanta Hosseinpour (Dentistry)
  • Dr Christine Peters (Dentistry)

Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning: Tutors Award

Award recipient:

  • Audree Grand’Pierre (Psychology)

Student and Peer Recognition of Excellence in Education Award

Award recipients:

  • Dr Lori Delaney (NMSW)
  • Adam Delroy (HMNS)
  • Lauren Cox (SHRS)
  • Dr Alice Towler (Psychology)

Research Awards

Research Mentorship Award recipient: Professor Saso Ivanovski

Consumer and Community Involvement in Research Award

Award recipients:

  • RECOVER Consumer Advisory Group: Alison Bell, Associate Professor Jane Nikles, Dr Nicole Andrews, Rachel Cobcroft, Christos Papadopoulos, Kevin Conway, Tobhi Stone-Feller, Karen Nicols, Emma Raymond, Jason Driscoll.

Early Career Research Excellence Award

Awar recipients:

  • Associate Professor Yaqoot Fatima (Poche)
  • Dr Timothy Ballard (Psychology)

Research Partnerships and Translation Award

Award recipients:

  • The Health and Wellbeing Centre for Research Innovation: Professor John Cairney, Dr Sjaan Gomersall, Professor Genevieve Healy, Dr George Thomas, Dr Kathryn Fortnum, Dr Veronique Richard and Dr Ana Goode.
  • CHAT in STARS: Dr Jade Dignam, Professor David Copland, Hannah Wedley, Adele Coleman, Lynell Bassett, Penni Burfein, Kylie Short, Katherine Roxas, Emma O’Neill, Caitlin Fraser, Jessica Hickey and Dr Kirstine Shrubsole.

Higher Degree Research – Supervision Award

Award recipients:

  • Dr Christine Staatz (Pharmacy)
  • Associate Professor Stacey Parker (Psychology)

Higher Degree Research - Excellence in Graduate Research Leadership Award

Award recipient:

  • Associate Professor Maree Peterson (NMSW)

Research Mentorship Award

Award recipient:

  • Professor Saso Ivanovski (Dentistry)

Professional Awards

Leadership Award recipient: Chelse Dunne

Customer Service Award

Award recipients:

  • Kirsten O’Leary
  • Lucy O’Shea

Leadership Award

Award recipient:

  • Chelse Dunne


  • Samantha Stephens

Above and Beyond Award

Award recipients:

  • Janine Rix
  • Nigel Bennett


  • Audrey Brown
  • Bridget Moore

Teamwork Award

Award recipients:

  • School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Clinical Education Liaison Managers: Pascale Nijssen, Jodie Booth, Daniella Cain, Michael Donovan, Ruth Dunwoodie, Wendy Hood and Lucy Hunter.
Leadership Award recipient: Associate Professor Emma Beckman

Academic Leadership and Engagement Awards

Global Engagement Award

Award recipient:

  • Professor Nancy Pachana (Healthy Ageing Initiative)

Leadership Award

Award recipients:

  • Professor Sandie McCarthy (NMSW)
  • Associate Professor Emma Beckman (HMNS)
Reconciliation Award recipient: Carl Francia

Reconciliation Awards

Reconciliation Award

Award recipient:

  • Carl Francia (SHRS and Poche)




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