Compassion and the New Normal

As we begin to recover from the global pandemic, how can we work together to create a healthier, more equitable and mutually supportive world?

This was the question tackled in the first three ‘Compassion and…’ programs broadcast internationally by the Compassionate Mind Research Group of the School of Psychology in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine. Hosted by the award-winning ABC journalist Sana Qadar, these were big-picture discussions addressing the important role of compassion in shaping the post-Covid new normal across three scales: the community, society and the global. Guest panellists include the celebrated philosopher, Peter Singer AC; the co-founder of Compassion in Politics UK, Jennifer Nadel; the CEO of the charity Youngcare, Anthony Ryan; author of ‘How Compassion Made Us Human’, Penny Spikins; and the founder of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, Paul Gilbert OBE.

The Compassionate Community

The Compassionate Society

Global Compassion

Last updated:
10 May 2021