Q&A with Dr Jared Miles

UQ graduate and registered pharmacist Dr Jared Miles (UQ Bachelor of Pharmacy '12; UQ PhD Medicinal Chemistry '21) is one of nine new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander academics recruited through UQ's alternative career pathway program.

We caught up with Dr Miles to discuss his culture and what he hopes to achieve at UQ.

Where are you from?

I’m from the Yuwi mob in Mackay, but grew up in Maryborough in Queensland on Badtjala Country. My family were very excited to be involved in the return of the Yuwi native title last year, and we have ongoing dealings with Mackay community and relevant government organisations.  

Tell us about your new role?

I'm a Lecturer, for UQ's School of Pharmacy. This semester I've been coordinating a first year Introductory Pharmacy course with 240 students. Next semester, I will be conducting pharmacy practice and research at the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and concentrating on my lab based pharmaceutical research. 

What inspired you to apply?

Doing a PhD I really enjoyed the challenge of research, but I was also able to tutor during the PhD and loved the teaching side too, so a teaching and research position was a great combination.

What do you hope to achieve at UQ?

I hope I can bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the School of Pharmacy, particularly around social accountability and communication in pharmacy. Additionally, I can be a role model for Indigenous students coming through who want to study pharmacy or go into scientific research where we are very under represented.

I feel that I have an inside perspective on Indigenous culture and understanding of the social aspects I hope to teach. I hope to instil my students with a better social awareness and cultural competency for effectively communicating with and treating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

What does this role mean to you?

This role is amazing because it makes me feel valued for all aspects of who I am. I’m valued for my cultural identity and perspective (an acceptance I’m not used to having), for my work and experience in pharmacy, as well as my development as a researcher. This has been such a great opportunity, and I am excited to see what everyone from the new cohort achieves.

Last updated:
15 June 2021