Application time: 4-6 weeks

Cost: $0 (students as classed as volunteers)

The Working with Children Check provides an ongoing assessment of a person’s eligibility to work with children and involves a check of a person’s criminal history, and past police and disciplinary information.

If your application is approved, you will be issued with a Positive Notice and a Blue Card which allows you to work in child-related placements for 3 years.

The Blue Card system is currently undergoing some changes, which will simplify the application, linking and renewal processes. This page will be updated as soon as these changes are in place.

Applying for a Blue Card

If you do not have a Blue Card, you are required to follow the process below:

  1. Complete an application form, which will be provided by your program coordinator.
  2. Attend a Blue Card session, where a nominated UQ representative will sight Proof of Identification. We will then lodge the application on your behalf.
  3. If the application is approved, you will receive Positive Notice letter and Blue Card in the mail. If you receive a Negative Notice, we will contact you.

Your Blue Card is valid for 3 years and must be current for the duration of your placement.

Link a Current Blue Card

If you hold a current Blue Card, and it does not expire within the next three months, you will be required to complete the online linking form and attend a Blue Card Session with your identification.

Renewing a Blue Card

You will need to apply for a new Blue Card prior to your current card expiring. If you do not apply for a card before this time you will be pulled off placement as soon as your current card expires, and will not be permitted back on placement until you have received your new card.

To renew your Blue Card, you need to fill out the same application form you used when applying for the card, and follow the same steps above.

You should allow at least 28 business days for your application to be processed, so we recommend applying about 6 weeks before your card is due to expire. Renewal application can be accepted up to 16 weeks before your current card expires

Please note that it is an offence for a disqualified person to apply for a Blue Card. Please read page 4 of the Blue Card application to see what constitutes a disqualified person.