Application time: approximately 2 months

Cost: approximately $60

Some agencies require students to obtain a National Police Certificate prior to commencing placement. As part of the application process, a Police Check is conducted based on a search of a person's name against the criminal history records held by police services Australia-wide. The National Police Certificate provides a student with ‘clearance’, or in some cases, a notification of a student’s ‘disclosable history’.

If required, you will be advised by the placement site and need to follow the site's guidelines for obtaining a National Police Certificate as soon as your placement has been confirmed.

Procedures vary from site to site and you may be required to apply and pay for the check yourself. The cost is around $60.

Queensland Police, over the counter at Australia Post or online (approx. $55):

Private companies, often completed more rapidly than Queensland Police checks (online, $30-50):

If you are applying for your National Police Certificate in a different state you can still go to your local police station and request a name only police check. Your National Police Certificate will be sent to the mailing address you provide on the form.

Keep your original certificate safely on file, as you may be required by some health providers to produce the original certificate prior to placement.

Statutory Declaration

If you have been a citizen or a permanent resident of a country other than Australia after you turned 16 years of age and you are required to provide a police certificate, you must instead complete a Statutory Declaration stating that you have never, in Australia or another country, been convicted of murder or sexual assault, or convicted of, and sentenced to imprisonment for, any other form of assault.