What is required if I have a placement in a Queensland Health facility?

All students placed in a Queensland Health facility, regardless of discipline, will need to complete the following and provide evidence of completion before placement commencement:

  1. Queensland Health Student Orientation Checklist
  2. Queensland Health Student Deed Poll
  3. Queensland Health iLearn Modules

You will not be able to commence your placement until all these items are completed. You do not need to upload evidence of each individual iLearn Module completion to InPlace. As part of your Student Orientation Checklist, you will record the date of completion and expiry, as relevant, for the required orientation iLearn modules.

N.B. As of 1 July 2022, the University of Queensland will be entering into a new legal instrument with Queensland Health relative to student placements. Please be advised that as part of this renewal, updated versions of the following Qld Health placement documentation will be mandatory to be eligible to undertake placement:

  • Student Orientation Checklist v22_1.0, published 23 May 2022 and
  • Student Deed Poll v22_1.0, published 16 May 2022

Completing updated versions of these documents is a mandatory requirement for any students commencing a new placement or continuing a placement with QLD Health from 1 July 2022.

Furthermore, if you are enrolled in an allied health discipline, in addition to the items above, you will also need to complete the following and provide evidence of completion before your placement commences:

  1. Evidence Record of Allied Health Student Training

If you are unsure if you are enrolled in an allied health discipline, please refer to the table below:


Allied Health discipline?





Nursing & Midwifery




Clinical Exercise Physiology


Exercise & Sports Science


Nutrition & Dietetics


Occupational Therapy








Social Work


Speech Pathology


Hospital and Health Services (HHS) specific requirements

Please be advised that some HHSs may, at times, require additional orientation modules, mostly reflecting the risks and challenges locally.

The information contained on this webpage details only the minimum requirements for QLD Health.  In some instances additional orientation modules may be required depending on the Qld Health facility you are placed in. Please review InPlace to determine whether you are required to complete additional modules.  Your Placement Manager will be able to provide further advice.

What do I need to do?

Detailed information about how to complete these requirements are outlined below.

Contact us

Student enquiries
Placement Ready team

Visit us
Room 539A, Level 5, 
Human Movement Studies Building (26B)

Individual student consultations are available on:

  • Mondays 1pm – 4pm

  • Wednesdays 9am – 12pm

Online Chat

The HABS Placement Ready team are available for online chat Monday to Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 3pm.

You can find the chat function on the Prepare for your placement homepage

Zoom appointments

Students can book 1:1 zoom consultations with a member of the HABS Placement Ready Team via Student Hub.

Search the appointments menu for ‘HaBS Placement Ready 1:1 Consultation’ to find available appointments to book into.