An e-portfolio is an evolving electronic/online resource that acts to record, store and archive the artefacts of learning and reflection for an individual learner. An e-portfolio has the potential to demonstrate professional and personal growth, exemplify evidence-based practice and provide a planning space for future professional development needs and experiences (Hallam et al 2008).

This project will provide a recommendation for an optimal, robust, user-friendly ePortfolio system, underpinned by business policies, procedures and an appropriate governance model, that will enable our faculties and schools to monitor, capture and evaluate learning objectives efficiently and effectively.

Currently several systems (technical and non-technical) are used across UQ to manage administrative workflows and student records, information and reflection regarding clinical/industry placements. Examples include:

  • eLog
  • Health e-portfolio
  • Field Placement system
  • Paper based

The technical systems are bespoke and have been developed internally over several years. These systems were developed using languages and platforms that are on the ITS roadmap to contain or retire due to out dated code and costs involved with maintenance. This project provides an opportunity to identify vendor-supported systems that meet the requirements of the university and our schools, including, security, supportability and their ability to integrate into larger UQ data systems and processes.


This project provides the opportunity to consult with relevant stakeholders (in HABS, HASS and MBS) and review:

  • The educational practice regarding the management of student learning outcomes (where students have been allocated to a site for a practicum placement), with the view to ascertain/recommend:
    • Content needs for individual student ePortfolios and the underlying administration processes;
    • ePortfolio system functionality elements


  • Detailed analysis of the existing student placement processes (administrative and pedagogical) and, the existing systems (bespoke, and the UQ Si-Net Placement Allocation module).
  • Business user needs analysis to capture ePortfolio-related requirements and identify required functionality elements (questionnaire/survey, individual consultations etc).
  • Evaluation of ePortfolio technology against the identified requirements to determine which potential systems best fit the purpose.
  • Establish a test environment for small-scale proof of concept testing on suitable ”off-the-shelf” solution(s) that meet the requirements determined above.
  • Preparation of a final report with recommendations on a suitable solution(s) including identifying any additional custom functionality required to support the decommissioning of the existing bespoke systems. The final report is to include a Pilot Plan.

The project has progressed to Pilot stage. Read information on the pilot here.


Hallam, Gillian C., Harper, Wendy E., McCowan, Colin R., Hauville, Kim L., McAllister, Lynn M., & Creagh, Tracy A. (2008) ePortfolio use by university students in Australia: Informing excellence in policy and practice. Australian ePortfolio Project, Stage 1. Queensland University of Technology, Department of Teaching and Learning Support Services, Brisbane , Qld.