Dr Melissa Day

To coincide with National Pain Week (23-29 July 2018), we spoke to Dr Melissa Day, Senior Research Fellow in the UQ School of Psychology.

23 July 2018
UQ sign

Congratulations to 10 of our staff members for their recent recognition by the Higher Education Academy as leaders in teaching and learning.

13 July 2018
two boys at the Murri Carnival

More than 400 children got a taste for healthy living and university life through rugby league and netball matches at the Deadly Choices Junior Murri Carnival at The University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus this month.

12 July 2018
Some of the members of a soccer team trapped in a section of Tham Luang cave in Thailand. (Photo: Royal Thai Navy/AAP)

Why does one tragedy capture the world’s attention, when more long-term issues such as children in detention don’t to the same extent?

9 July 2018
Social connectedness is a key to healthy ageing

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, cultivating social connections and enhancing mental health will be the focus of the 2018 Positive Ageing Journey event.

6 July 2018
Guards with a blindfolded prisoner in the Stanford Prison Experiment, 1971. (photo source: PrisonExp.org)

A classic psychological study that suggests people will behave brutally when the situation demands it, has been challenged by a University of Queensland researcher.

4 July 2018
QAEHS researcher Jake O'Brien working with the new mass spectrometer

New instruments, lab and archiving spaces have provided researchers from the Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS) with more capacity to address current and emerging environmental health challenges.

21 June 2018

Researchers are working to develop a combined physiotherapy and psychology treatment program for people with chronic whiplash.

19 June 2018
UQ’s Dr Jason Tangen (centre) with Sergeant Kristine Nedwich and Acting Inspector Duncan McCarthy of the Queensland Police Service Forensic Services Branch

A group of universities and law enforcement agencies has received a funding boost from the Australian Government to train the next generation of forensic experts.

15 June 2018
Professor Matt Sanders, Triple P

Dedication to improving the lives of people in the community is a common goal for Professor Matt Sanders, Anne Cross and Derek Tuffield who were recognised in the 2018 Queensland Greats Awards and Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

13 June 2018

People choose role models who have achieved success in ways that are in line with their own moral values, according to University of Queensland research.

13 June 2018

UQ School of Psychology's James Sherlock explains what psychology can reveal about why people like pimple popping and ingrown hair removal videos.

11 June 2018

An anonymous donation of $500,000 will fund Australia’s first dedicated aphasia rehabilitation and research centre.

1 June 2018
UQ Healthy Living will offer assessments and interventions in exercise, diet and lifestyle to support better health for older people.

Healthy ageing and wellbeing is the focus of a new community-based clinic launched by The University of Queensland.

1 June 2018
A team from the UQ School of Psychology examined moral reasoning in children aged 10 and under.

Question: when is a chicken more important than a sick person? Answer: when you’re four years old, according to research from The University of Queensland.

31 May 2018

A tax on sweetened drinks would save $666 million in oral health costs, a study by The University of Queensland has found.

31 May 2018
From the cover of New Psychology of Health

Psychology researchers are pushing for greater recognition that social connections are as important to health as regular exercise or not smoking.

31 May 2018

Researchers are working to understand attitudes towards chronic pain in a project designed to help improve the way we approach pain management treatments.

28 May 2018

People with what many consider the hardest job in the world are being offered free self-compassion training by University of Queensland researchers.

18 May 2018

Wanted: your urine is needed to help University of Queensland researchers make a splash in science by flushing out the relationship between nitrate in the diet and disease.

18 May 2018
MNHHS Chief Executive Shaun Drummond and UQ Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Høj sign the alliance agreement.

A specialist rehabilitation and surgery centre has taken a major step forward with the formal signing of a 20-year partnership between Metro North Hospital and Health Service and The University of Queensland.

18 May 2018
car crash

To reduce the risk of road and traffic accidents, UQ researchers are training drivers to take a more hazard-conscious approach at the steering wheel, potentially saving countless lives in the process.

11 May 2018