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2019 HaBS Staff Awards:

Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching and Learning awards went to Grace Atkinson (HMNS), Grace Kirby (Psychology) and Maree Maloney (SHRS) with commendation going to Dr Kristen Tulloch (HaBS) for excellence in tutoring/demonstration; Dr Roma Forbes (Early Career Citation) (SHRS), Liz Springfield (SHRS), Paul Treschman (Early Career Citation) (HMNS)for Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Award; Dentistry Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Team- Dr Emma Bartle (Team Leader), Cheryl Chin and Jia Ru Toh for Programs That Enhance Learning Award and Dr Norman Ng (HaBS) for Teaching Excellence Award.


  • Global Engagement Award went to Dr Emma Beckman (HMNS)
  • Academic leadership awards went to Dr Peter Lewis (NMSW) 



  • Professional staff awards went to Kirsty Harris (Faculty/Dentistry) and Taryn Krynauw (Psychology)  for the Customer Service Award, Stacey Vogel (Psychology) for the Leadership award, Rachelle Croton (Psychology) with commendations going to Amy Hunter (Faculty) and Cheryl Byrnes (Psychology) for the Above and Beyond Award awards; and the Dentistry Preclinical Team (Bobbie Jennings, Leah Beaupeaur and Eddie Gullotta for the Team Work Award. 
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