Southern Queensland Rural Health

Southern Queensland Rural Health (SQRH), a collaboration between The University of Queensland, the University of Southern Queensland, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service and South West Hospital and Health Service, is committed to increasing numbers of rural health professionals that can be recruited and retained throughout the Darling Downs and the South West.

SQRH is a University Department of Rural Health, and funded by the Federal Government’s Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program.

Lead by Director Associate Professor Geoff Argus, SQRH began work in late 2017 building on local initiatives and programs to support rural and remote workforce development, with the aim to have students return to live and work in rural and remote areas.

Working with partners and local communities to support and enhance placements for nursing, midwifery, and allied health students, SQRH is striving to meet the challenges of recruiting and retaining health professionals in rural and remote regions, providing practical assistance such as short term accommodation, training, and development for supervisors and clinical placement support, as well as working with local communities and government to expand social experiences.