Irish research replicates community-wide benefits of UQ program

3 Sep 2018

Tripe P uqThe rollout of a University of Queensland parenting program in a community in Ireland has significantly reduced the numbers of children with social, emotional and behavioural problems. 

A study found that making the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program ­available in the Irish Midlands community of 120,000 could improve potential mental health outcomes for children.

Triple P founder and UQ Parenting and Family Support Centre director, Professor Matt Sanders, said the findings replicated the results of the first Every Family trial of the program in Brisbane more than a decade ago.

 “The Irish paper shows absolutely that addressing the quality of parenting a child receives across the general population can dramatically reduce the likelihood that children with emerging problems will go on to develop serious issues in adulthood,” he said.

Research suggests that unless addressed, social, emotional and behavioural problems in children persist into adulthood for almost half of all children.

Read the full article on UQ News.

Parenting and Family Support Centre​

For more than two decades, the Parenting and Family Support Centre has helped improve the lives of parents and children around the world with ground-breaking research and program development.

Triple P founder and director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre, Professor Matt Sanders, explains the significance of the recent publication of The Power of Positive Parenting. Transforming the Lives of Children, Parents, and Communities Using the Triple P System.

Published by Oxford University Press, the book is a significant milestone in the history of the Triple P program and draws on an extensive global knowledge base encompassing nearly 40 years of research into the design, development and evaluation of evidence-based parenting programs.