Faculty success in ARC funding

3 Dec 2018

HaBS Faculty

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS) researchers have netted $4.2 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.

The Faculty was successful in applications for 11 projects in the latest round of Discovery ProjectsDiscovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRAs), and Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities(LIEF) grants.

Discovery Projects led by HABS Faculty researchers

School of Psychology

$180,000 to Dr Courtney von HippelProfessor Hannes ZacherProfessor Catherine Haslam: Age stereotype threat and the well-being of older workers.

$403,232 to Professor Winnifred Louis and colleagues: Understanding palliative killing among health practitioners and veterinarians.

Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS)

$466,000 to Dr Jake O’Brien and colleagues: A high-resolution genomic tool to monitor and track pathogens in urban wastewater systems.

$515,000 to Professor Kevin ThomasDr Sarit Kaserzon and colleagues: An automated early warning social network to systematically detect newly identified emerging chemical threats.

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

$295,000 to Associate Professors Murray Phillips and Gary Osmond and colleagues: Pride, resilience and identity: reimagining Aboriginal sport history.

$349,345 to Associate Professor Guy WallisProfessor Stephan Riek and colleagues: Impact of non-visual sensory information on what we see and how we move.

HABS researchers who were successful on non-UQ led Discovery Projects

School of Psychology

$410,000 to Professor Andrew Neal and Dr Timothy Ballard: Goal pursuit decisions under environmental and social uncertainty (led by the University of Western Australia).

$490,000 to Professor Virginia Slaughter: Sibling influence on development of children with autism spectrum disorder (led by the University of Tasmania).

Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRAs)

School of Psychology

$405,004 to Dr Hannah Filmer: How brain stimulation modulates cortical processing and cognition.

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

$398,700 to Dr Rebecca Olive: Understanding ecological sensibilities in recreational lifestyle sport.

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grants

Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS) and the School of Pharmacy

$334,425 to Professors Kevin Thomas and Peter Little and colleagues: A gas chromatography-high resolution accurate mass spectrometry facility.

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