Returning to work after retirement

7 July 2022

Professor Nancy Pachana from UQ’s School of Psychology spoke with ABC Radio Brisbane about heading back to work after retirement.

While 63 percent of retirees in Australia don't want to work, just under 20 percent do.

Professor Pachana said she is not surprised by the staistics.

“People want to stay engaged,” Professor Pachana said.

“People may have had really amazing things that they have or want to keep contributing to but they are not being allowed to continue contributing and playing an active role.”

Professor Pachana says the idea that older people 'shouldn’t work' is what is stopping them.

“This idea that older people shouldn’t work, they won’t have the skills, they won’t be flexible- whatever the excuse is, it’s really just another word for ageism.”

She also says it's important to network if you want to get back into work.  

"If you can- network," Professor Pachana said. 

"I think that will probably have more success than sending out resumes.

"Trying to utilise social networking and who you know is probably a good strategy."

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