Why partner with us

Partnership in the CRC Longevity includes membership to a national and international research program that is future-focused, industry driven, evidence-based and grounded in the best available science and expertise.

The CRC Longevity gives organisations exclusive access to world-class expertise, international networks and new knowledge across a wide range of sectors.

    Benefits of partnering

    • An integrated approach to program, service and product development, and policy delivery, which will be driven through interactions and collaborations between government, business, researchers and the community • Specific and diverse needs of people in older age groups will be addressed across multiple industries and sectors to create new products, services and policy guidance
    • New approaches to identifying, managing, and applying relevant and complex data sets to generate new knowledge and practical insights to address industry problems or challenges
    • New and cross-sector partnerships that leverage unique knowledge, ideas, capabilities and networks, including international relationships
    • Increased capacity to leverage cross-sector capabilities to challenge thinking; push boundaries in what has otherwise been a low innovation environment; and rapidly test and prototype emerging products and services
    • The critical mass of skills and activity enabled by the CRC will help drive lasting change in industry, and in perceptions and expectations of society.

    Partners who join the CRC Longevity can capitalise on these opportunities:

    • First to market: Gain early access to emerging research outputs for planning and development, be among the first to test and implement new innovations in the marketplace and our communities
    • Network leverage: Utilise research data and the collective in-kind resources of the CRC Longevity’s national and international network of partners
    • Drive the agenda: Help define research priorities by identifying industry challenges and opportunities relevant for your organisation
    • Organisational change: Engage in and contribute to the design of learning and educational approaches for organisational and social change
    • Knowledge and insights: Broaden your knowledge of market trends and the latest research outcomes, driven by the changing nature and expectations of older people.
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    Who is invited to partner

    Partners will come from a wide range of industries, government agencies and community groups, including:

    • Accommodation
    • Aged care
    • Banking/finance
    • Communication
    • Construction
    • Data services
    • Education
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Ethnic communities
    • Fashion
    • Fitness
    • Health
    • Housing
    • Indigenous organisations
    • Infrastructure
    • Investment corporations
    • Law/legal
    • Leisure
    • Manufacturing
    • Medical
    • Mobility
    • Policy
    • Private benefactors
    • Retail
    • Rural industries
    • Sporting teams/clubs
    • Start-ups
    • Superannuation
    • Technology
    • Training
    • Transport
    • Travel
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    How to join the CRC Longevity

    Joining the CRC Longevity requires an investment of cash and in-kind resources (e.g. access to talent, data, infrastructure, sites) at a level that at least matches the CRC Program funding that is requested. Essential partners are vital to the operations and research of the CRC and typically contribute the largest amount of cash and in-kind to the CRC. Their cash contributions may range from $100,000 to over $1M per annum over the period for which funding is awarded (up to 10 years).

    Other Participants may contribute smaller amounts of cash or alternatively critical in-kind resources for the CRC. In-kind resources in the form of access to data, infrastructure, sites and personnel are valuable contributions.

    All participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the CRC objectives and research program. A higher level of cash contributions, particularly from industry, will be viewed very favourably and may result in the application for funding being deemed more suitable or more competitive relative to other bids. Cash investment from industry is, at one level, a proxy for due diligence in that if industry is willing to support the initiative financially then it is more likely that the proposal is meeting the needs of the market.

    CRC participants can include companies based in Australia or overseas, small and medium enterprises, research and development corporations, government agencies and other users of research, such as industry associations.

    Contact the CRC Longevity team to discuss partnership opportunities.

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