Dragon boat racing is both a physical and cultural experience.

They are four University of Queensland colleagues who are not simply happy with training their dragon. They want to make it one of the fastest in the world.

11 February 2016

Christine Grey would have been just as sexy as Christian Grey as the lead character in Fifty Shades of Grey – and resulted in less ambivalence about rape.

10 February 2016

With over 30 years of service in the social work field UQ’s Professor Karen Healy was recognised for her contribution in improving community welfare and addressing child protection issues.

3 February 2016
The mercury reportedly soared to 43.3 degrees in Birdsville.

People over the age of 75 are especially at risk from the hot weather blanketing Queensland this week, particularly if they have recently had an infection.

3 February 2016

People recovering from mild stroke will soon be aided by a new smart phone app, thanks to University of Queensland researchers. UQ School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences’...

1 February 2016

With a prolific career dedicated to helping people rehabilitate spanning over 45 years, Emeritus Professor Gwendolen Jull was among the 2016 Australia Day Honours recipients.

29 January 2016

Uncertainty in the world will lead people – and even animals - to seek more immediate forms of gratification and fail to plan long-term.

28 January 2016
Marina Vitale of CIM Health, UQ students Trent Seth and Antoine Desrosiers, and Tim Edwards of Teys Australia

How does a meat processing company reduce the number of injuries in its workforce by 70 per cent in just three years?

27 January 2016
Media gaffes, inappropriate comments and the short fuse of Donald Trump may be criticised, but research suggests that lapses in self-control can establish a perception of power.

Media gaffes, inappropriate comments and the short fuses of Tony Abbott, Shane Warne and Donald Trump may be criticised, but do they serve another function?

15 January 2016

Quick thinkers are perceived as more charismatic by their friends, according to new research from The University of Queensland. Professor Bill von Hippel from...

12 January 2016

University of Queensland ageing experts have rejected calls for all older drivers to relinquish their licences.

7 January 2016

The Centre of National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine (CONROD) is changing its name to Recover Injury Research Centre.

4 January 2016
Professor Nancy Pachana with her father, Joseph T Pachana

The festive season can provoke positive and negative feelings in people of all ages, but can pose particular challenges for some older people, a University of Queensland expert has warned.

21 December 2015
Dr James Kirby

It’s been a dream come true for a University of Queensland psychology researcher who received a fellowship to work at Stanford University in California.

17 December 2015

The Brisbane Broncos are known to have big appetites, but they’ll be paying special attention to what they eat after announcing a scholarship for their own nutritional advisor.

11 December 2015
Michael Jennings ... helping students create change, in themselves and in the world.

Two University of Queensland lecturers have won national teaching excellence awards at the 2015 Australian Awards for University Teaching presentation at Parliament House in Canberra last night.

9 December 2015

In one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind, The University of Queensland’s Melanie Hoyle is assessing exactly what helps – and what hinders – people who have experienced a stroke from achieving a fulfilling life.

7 December 2015
Faculty Executive Dean Bruce Abernethy

The University of Queensland has performed outstandingly in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 evaluation in areas covered by the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences.

4 December 2015
Dr Cliff Mallett and the North Queensland Cowboys.

A sports psychology and coaching expert credited with playing a role in the North Queensland Cowboys’ maiden NRL premiership is expected to become one of Australia’s first professors of sports coaching.

4 December 2015

The Australian government’s action plan for mental health contains “significant potential pitfalls”, according to a University of Queensland mental health services expert. ...

4 December 2015
Dr Roy Baumeister

He gave the world an equation for passion – now one of the most intriguing and highly-cited psychology researchers in the world is preparing to call Australia home.

26 November 2015
Six promotions to full Professor will take place on Jan 1.

Six leading academics from the University of Queensland Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences have earnt promotion to the status of Professor in 2016.

25 November 2015