Dr Tom Bailey leads the Physiology and Ultrasound Laboratory in Science and Exercise (PULSE) within the UQ School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences.

As an exercise and vascular physiologist, his research focuses on understanding changes in vascular control across the human lifespan, and investigating the direct effects of exercise on the vascular system, including at the brain. He aims to understand the potential benefits of exercise training on cerebrovascular and cardiovascular health in adults with chronic disease. This includes current exercise trials in adults with mild cognitive impairment, hypertension, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer survivors. To do this, he implements a variety of novel ultrasound imaging techniques for the assessment of vascular function and structure, including at the brain, conduit and micro-vessels.

Current research

Dr Bailey has recently published research looking at the benefits of exercise on brain vascular health in ageing adults. As part of this continuing scheme of work, he is currently investigating the influence of high blood pressure on brain blood flow regulation. His research team is also extending this work to look at how regular exercise, and fitness, can protect brain health with older age.

Current projects include:

  • Effect of ageing and sex on cerebrovascular and microvascular function.
  • Physiological mechanisms of menopausal hot flushes.
  • Hypertension; do the benefits of exercise training translate to the brain?
  • The acute and chronic effects of exercise on cerebrovascular regulation in the ageing brain.
  • Targeting cerebrovascular health with exercise training in mild cognitive impairment.
  • Exercise training for sexual and vascular dysfunction in cancer survivors.
  • Passive heat therapy as an adjunct treatment for cardiovascular disease.

Career highlights

  • Since finishing his PhD in 2014, Dr Bailey has graduated three PhD students and two Honours students.
  • Serves on the Exercise and Sports Science Australia Publications Committee.
  • Grant reviewer for the National Heart Foundation and the NHMRC.
  • Serves on the sub-committee for the Queensland Cardiovascular Research Network (QCVRN) formed by the Heart Foundation in 2015 to boost cardiovascular research collaboration in QLD.
  • Invited to the symposium for Sports Medicine Australia conference in October 2019.
  • Part of a HABS-MED team which received a UQ Health and Behavioural Science Faculty Research Collaboration seeding grant (2019-20, $39,200): Erectile and vascular dysfunction in men with prostate cancer: A feasibility study using exercise therapy.
  • Adjunct Research Position awarded between the University of the Sunshine Coast and the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, 2017-22.
  • Best Early Career Researcher Award: awarded for contribution to PhD student supervision, including four research outputs, as an early-career researcher, $2000, University of the Sunshine Coast, July 2017.