Low back pain (LBP) is a common and recurrent problem in the general population, and especially amongst office workers.

Office workers spend most of their working day sitting, and there is increasing evidence that sedentary behaviour at work is associated with negative health impacts, including LBP.

Reducing sitting duration and bouts of prolonged sitting (≥ 30 min) may help to reduce LBP. A strategy being increasingly adopted to reduce prolonged sitting is to spend some of the workday standing. However, the optimal ‘sit-stand ratio’ to ease LBP is currently unknown.

We are investigating the impact of two sit-stand recommendations on LBP over a 3-month period.


You are invited to take part in this research project testing the impact of two sit-stand recommendations on low back pain (LBP). You can participate in this study if you:

  • have low back pain,
  • are a predominantly desk-based worker who uses a sit-stand desk or workstation at your
  • workplace,
  • work at least 0.5 FTE,
  • work at least 2 days per week at your sit-stand desk or workstation,
  • are not pregnant,
  • do not have a medical condition that limits your ability to stand.

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If you would like to speak to the research team about your participation in this study, please contact Dr Michelle Smith e: m.smith5@uq.edu.au ph: (07) 3365 4660.

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This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No.2019001270]