In this study, we aim to investigate user experience and opinions when using a chatbot to get whiplash-related health information.

We are developing an interactive chatbot (software program with emulated human conversations) to answer users’ questions and provide educational materials to people with a whiplash injury.

The experience and ideas of participants are essential for us to develop our technology applications for improving whiplash care in the community.


Please participate in our study, if you are:

  • An adult, 18 years old or over, with stable whiplash symptoms (over 6 months since injury)
  • Comfortable to participate in a group discussion and use smartphones and tablets
  • Able to attend a meeting via Zoom (for the online option if needed).

Participant Benefits 

We will provide you with a $30 gift card to thank you for your participation.

Register your interest

To discuss the details, please contact Dr Hang Ding, Research Fellow, at the Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Hospital (STARS), Herston, Brisbane, QLD.

This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2021/HE001997]