This study will examine the effect of accentuated eccentric loading on immediate jump performance.

Participants will be adding extra mass on the body in preparatory phase of the jump, followed by the release of this load at the start of the push-off.

There are two sessions, one is to train participants in using this equipment, and the other is to collect data. Each session is expected to be 1 hour, but this can be longer or shorter, depending on the participants' motor skill learning ability.

The research team will collect 3D motion capture data, muscle activity and force data.


The study requires good jumpers.

This will be assessed using a Vertec jump and reach test prior to participation in the study.

Participants with good jumping ability (volleyball, basketball, high jumpers, etc.) are more likely to achieve the criteria, but prior experience in these sports is not a prerequisite to participate in our study.

We encourage anyone interested in the study to come and try.

We will only proceed if they can jump above our study's minimum height requirement.

Participant benefits

The participants will be reimbursed a $40 AUD gift voucher, paid at the completion of the second session.

Register your interest 

To register your interest, email Mr Eric Yung-Sheng Su:

This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2022/HE002510]