The rapid decline and eventual loss of speech in MND have been identified as the most stressful parts of the disease for both people with MND, and their caregivers.

This indicates the need for Speech Pathologists to be better able to inform people with MND about how their speech will change, including when they will no longer be able to speak effectively.

At present, speech pathologists are not able to provide personalised information about these timeframes for people with MND.

The current study aims to look at changes in speech over time in a group of people with MND using digital analysis methods (using a computer). These methods provide very detailed data about how speech may be changing (e.g., reduced volume, reduced speech rate etc.). In addition, these digital changes will be compared to patient reported changes in communication effectiveness. In turn, this information will enhance MND clinical care pathways by increasing the evidence-base and accuracy with which speech deterioration can be predicted in this population.

Before participating in this research, you will be required to sign a consent form, indicating that you are willing to take part in this study. Once you have consented to take part in this research, you will undergo a videoconference screening assessment (i.e., via Coviu, a multi-device compatible telehealth platform with live videoconferencing and audio capture functionality, using end-to-end encryption) from your home, to determine eligibility for participation.

Total screening assessment time = approximately 15 minutes.

The intended study will involve 16 data collection sessions for each participant over a period of 8 months. Sessions will be limited to between 20-30 minutes.


  • age range 18-80 years
  • no developmental, neurological or craniofacial impairment (eg. cleft palate)
  • no pre-exiting speech impairment
  • basic computer skills (including your own personal computer or iPad)
  • appropriate internet connectivity

Participant benefits

As renumeration for your participation, each participant will receive a $50 Coles voucher at the completion of data collection.

Register your interest

To register your interest, send an email to:

This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No.2023/HE000868].